Design Thinking


The app already solves some of the main problems of the urban mobility but the user still has to purchase different public transport tickets. Very often buying different public transport tickets can be very annoying and things like pricing or purchasing the correct ticket can become a real pain when you are abroad.

Citymapper Example

The Challenge


  • Confusing menu
  • To many different symbols and icons at once
  • Hierarchy of elements in wrong order
  • Not intuitive enough
  • No prices visible
  • No detailed ticket information
  • No option or guidance for purchasing tickets
  • Colorful and overloaded design

Finding solutions

I wrote down some ideas and sketched a few mock ups, both at the same time. It felt like I had to put all those ideas into a mid-fi prototype, just to make it more understandable.

But what I found was, the main feature the app needs has to be an easy one or two click way to purchase all the tickets they need. At once!

A less confusing and more intuitive design to guide the user through the process, is to be considered as well.


New Citymapper Prototype

What I improved



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